Traffic Light Triceps

Move your arms when stopped in traffic!

Move your arms when stopped in traffic!

One of the ways to age well is to make the most of every moment.  So, why not take advantage of the dead time when you’re stopped at traffic lights.  Here’s a simple isometric move that will strengthen & tone your arms, and you don’t even have to take your seatbelt off!

Traffic Light Triceps

1)   Sit up straight with back pressed against seat, and arms extended in front of you (keep slight bend in elbows).  Hands are placed on the top part of the steering wheel (position left hand around 10 or 11 o’clock and right hand around 1 or 2 o’clock) with outer edge of palms facing down and thumbs pointing up.

2)   Check in with your shoulders—are they creeping up toward your ears?  You want your shoulders to be relaxed, but you want to keep them pulled down and away from ears. Also be sure to reach through the crown of your head.

3)   Begin pressing edge of palms into the steering wheel and pull elbows slightly inward. You should feel tension in your magazine muscles, especially the back of your arms (triceps).  Hold for a breath and then release.  Continue pressing and releasing until the traffic light changes.

4)   Remember to keep your shoulders down and relaxed.  Let your triceps do the work!

P. S.  If you want to see how I’ve been shaping up my arms (and everything else) to prepare for my ‘one-arm push-up’ just click on “Cirque Du Soleil, Here I Come!”

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