In Honor of My BFF~ resolve


steadfast purpose; firmness of purpose; a quality of mind or temperament that enables one to stand fast in the face of opposition, hardship or danger; make a formal resolution; freedom from doubt or wavering; to clear away or dispel (doubts, fears, etc.); to fix or settle on by deliberate choice or will; determine to do something (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

courage, dauntlessness, decisive, deliberate, determination, doggedness, guts, heart, mettle, pluck, purposefulness, resolute, spirit, spunk, tenacity, will

My walks with Pepper changed over the last year of her life. She still wanted to go the whole distance, but we needed to make some rest stops along the way. I would always let her lead, watching her enjoy sitting in stillness as much as the sauntering and sniffing. Pep was not going to let pain or stiffness get in her way of enjoying the day and she kept her resolve until the very end.

Resolve plays a huge role in being ageless, especially in one’s twilight years.  From getting out of bed in the morning to carrying on—no matter what—through your day, resolve is the ‘cruise control’ that keeps you going.  When you’re ageless you deliberately choose to live your life to the fullest and will settle for nothing less.

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