the process or state of acting or being active; something done or effected; a way or manner of moving; a legal proceeding instituted for the sake of demanding justice or enforcing a right; to carry something (as a process) to a successful conclusion; an act that one consciously wills and which may be characterized by physical or mental activity (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

accomplishment, being, cause, completing, deed, doing, engaging, executing, experience, growing, living, moving, performing, playing, reaching, service, start

“Lights, camera, action“… and the scene begins… The movie of your life cannot exist without action. When you live agelessly, you take the starring role in an action-packed adventure infused with comedy, romance and mystery. You understand that your greatest action is directing your very own masterpiece. So, will your life’s movie review have a little guy standing on the chair clapping or just an empty chair?

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