Remembering Jack LaLanne

"Better to wear out than rust out!" -Jack LaLanne

“Better to wear out than rust out!” -Jack LaLanne

January 24, 2011

I was sad to hear one of my heroes passed away yesterday.  Jack LaLanne (1914-2011), lived and breathed fitness, and I bet he died as one of the fittest 96-year-old men around.  He truly was a pioneer when it came to teaching and motivating others to exercise their bodies and take care of their health.

I remember seeing him on TV for the first time when I was just a skinny kid.  I remember the jumpsuit, the organ music, the muscles, the jumping jacks, and the dog.  But, what really left an impression was his energy and enthusiasm, and his infectious “you can” attitude.

I also remember his crazy physical feats over the years.  I thought of him when I swam in the San Francisco bay, from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf, and underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.  I could feel him cheering me on.  And, though I didn’t do these swims underwater or handcuffed while pulling a boat, the thrill of challenging my mind and body was enough.  Thank you, Jack, for stirring me to do some crazy athletic adventures of my own—I truly hope I can continue your legacy of inspiring others.

Jack LaLanne may have been known as the “first fitness superhero” but that’s not why he’s one of mine.  He is my hero because he lived his life authentically and passionately, always challenging himself and others to be their best.

Don’t worry, Jack, your death has not ruined your image.  You are such an inspiration and you will be missed!  R.I.P.

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