Relax in Seconds

relax in seconds

relax in seconds

Ever notice yourself clenching your jaw, holding your breath, or tightening your chest?  These are warning signals from your body that you are tensed or stressed.  Chronic stress (especially from mental fears rather than physical threats) can diminish your well-being and increase aging.  So, when you start to feel tension, respond with relaxation.  Try this simple relaxation technique from “The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Handbook.”

Six Second Mini-Relaxation

The quieting reflex is a six-second mini-relaxation technique that is designed to counteract stress reactions.  To be effective, it should be practiced frequently throughout the day, and at the moment a stressful situation arises.  It can be done with your eyes open or closed.

Step 1

Become aware of what is annoying you:  a ringing phone, a sarcastic comment, the urge to smoke, a worrisome thought—whatever.  This becomes the cue to start the quieting reflex.

Step 2

Repeat the phrase “Alert mind, calm body” to yourself.

Step 3

Smile inwardly with your eyes and your mouth.  This stops facial muscles from making a fearful or angry expression.  The inward smile is more a feeling than something obvious to anyone observing you.

Step 4

Inhale slowly to the count of three, imagining that the breath comes in through the bottom of your feet.  Then exhale slowly.  Feel your breath move back down your legs and out through your feet.  Let your jaw, tongue and shoulder muscles go limp.

Remember, the next time you’re stuck in traffic, involved in a confrontation, or working on a deadline—any time you start to feel irritated, anxious, tense or worried—practice your Six Second Mini-Relaxation.  And, the more you practice the more this quieting reflex will become an automatic skill.

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Annette Cain is an award-winning author, endurance athlete and certified personal trainer.

Known as the Longevity Lady™ Annette helps baby boomers age stronger so their bodies can keep up with their lives. Her ageless lifestyle products and programs provide an easy and balanced approach to becoming lean & limber and living younger longer.

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