Rejuvenating Recipe for Dry Skin

cool & soothing cucumber

cool & soothing cucumber

Summer’s heat can be very dehydrating for your skin.  It’s important to slather on the sunscreen and moisturizing lotion, but your skin will also appreciate being refreshed with a rejuvenating mask every now and then.  Here’s an easy (and inexpensive) spa treatment you can give yourself at home whenever your skin is feeling dry.  Indulge and enjoy!

Cooling Cucumber Aloe Mask

1 small cucumber, peeled

½ cup water

1 packet unflavored gelatin

1 Tbsp. aloe gel

1.   Purée cucumber in blender until smooth.

2.   Strain cucumber through a sieve, reserving the juice and discarding the purée.

3.   Combine water and gelatin in a small saucepan over medium heat, and stir until gelatin is dissolved.

4.   Pour into a glass bowl and add cucumber juice and aloe gel.  Stir to blend.

5.   Place in refrigerator for 25 minutes or until mixture thickens.

6.   Spread mixture over clean skin with fingertips and allow to dry for 15-20 minutes (perhaps while soaking in the tub).

7.   Gently peel off mask and rinse face and neck with warm water.

Makes 1 mask. (It does not keep well, so use right away.)

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