Qigong Relaxation Routine

Nighty-night, sleep tight!

Nighty-night, sleep tight!

Daylight Savings erases an hour on the clock.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not too enthused about this, especially since I seem to lose a couple hours of sleep, at least a couple times a week nowanights.  It’s one of the gifts from midlife’s bounty—waking up in the wee hours and tossing myself like a salad!  So much fun!!

During these stormy minutes (and sometimes hours), I focus on my breathing—inhaling deeply & exhaling tension, or I reflect on my gratefuls, or I count from 100 backwards (then forwards, then backwards…).  Some nights I do all of the above.  Lately, I’ve been practicing the following QiGong routine from Dr. Oz that uses pressure points and breath to deepen relaxation and promote sleep.

QiGong Relaxation Routine

1.     Rub your palms together for a couple of breaths and then place each palm over each eye.  Take a deep breath in and exhale.

2.     Now, using your index fingers, press gently on the center of your brow above each eye.  Slowly inhale and exhale.

3.     Press the outside corners of each eye at the bone.  Slowly inhale and exhale.

4.     Now press gently on the bone beneath the center of your eyes.  Slowly inhale and exhale.

5.     Press the inside corners of each eye at the bone.  Slowly inhale and exhale.

6.     Using your thumbs, press into the joint where your jaw and cheekbone meet.  Slowly inhale and exhale.

7.     Now, gently grab the outside of your ears and pinch them together from top to bottom.  Slowly inhale and exhale.

8.     End the routine by placing your thumbs on the back of your neck, at the base of your skull and gently massage in a circular motion.  Continue to slowly inhale and exhale.

Nighty-night, sleep tight, and don’t forget to make your clocks right.

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