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Stretching the Avon Walkers

Stretching the Avon Walkers

This weekend I will be leading the warm-up and stretches for the Avon Walk in San Francisco. It’s a wonderful fundraising event that brings thousands of women together to rally against breast cancer. They walk 39.3 miles over two days—no doubt there will be some sore muscles!

Here’s one of my favorite stretches that I do after a hike or run. I call it the “Hams and Other Strings” stretch. I like it because it targets several muscles at once, challenges my balance, and leaves me a lot more limber than when I started.

jpegjpeg-1 Hams and Other Strings Stretch

Stand up straight and place your right heel (toes up) on a surface that is at or a little below hip level (bleacher step, bench, tree, etc.). Both knees are straight and left foot is pointing slightly inward. Belly button is pulled in, tailbone is pointing straight down, as you reach through crown of head. Hands are clasped together and reaching over your head. Shoulders stay down & away from each other and ribs pull toward hips. Keeping right toes pointing up, start rotating to the left for 2-3 breaths (as far as you can comfortably go), and then rotate to the right for 2-3 more breaths. Repeat 3 times each side and then switch legs.

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