Heart Skips

Skip to your heart's content!

Skip to your heart’s content!

February is National Heart Month and it’s a good reminder to pay attention to your heart. After all, heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States. Do you know what your risk is? You can find out by clicking on the American Heart Association’s Heart Risk Assessment Calculator.
One of the best preventive measures you can take is to exercise. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—you need to stimulate your muscles and heart by getting heated, breathless and sweaty. I’ve given you a fun routine below to help you do just that. And, for those of you who don’t equate exercise with fun (I’m always thinking of you, Mom!), this cardio routine will take you back to when you were little and could skip around without a care in the world. Do you remember how fun it was to skip?

May you skip to your heart’s content!

Cardio Interval Routine

This 30-minute cardio routine combines walking with short bursts of skipping, which will raise your heart rate, helping you become heated, breathless, and yes, sweaty. By the way, you can make it more fun by listening to music with an upbeat rhythm.

Warm Up:
Walk at an easy pace for 5 minutes, then increase to a medium pace for another 5 minutes.

Walk for 2 minutes at a fast pace (like you’re in a hurry or late for an appointment).
Now start skipping for 30 seconds. Don’t be shy—swing those arms and smile wide, and always remember to keep your belly button pulled in.
After 30 seconds, go back to walking at a medium pace for another 30 seconds to recover before repeating interval again (2 minutes fast walk/30 seconds skipping).
Repeat interval 4 more times.

Cool Down:
After 5th interval, slow your walk down to an easy pace and continue for 5 minutes. Be sure to stretch after your cool down.

If you want more of a challenge with the skipping interval, you can focus on lifting your knees as high as possible, or lengthening your stride, or you can skip backwards. The key is to get out of breath and then recover.

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Annette Cain is an award-winning author, endurance athlete and certified personal trainer.

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