G.I. Cain Report (No. 2)

October 17, 2011

Four short weeks away until I debut my one-arm push-ups—I’m almost there!!!  I have registered with the Wounded Warrior Project to hold a “Believe in Heroes” celebration on Veterans Day, when I will perform my shoulder salute to all of our brave veterans along with debuting my “Stronger Push-Ups” workout video.  I also plan to have a push-up pledge for anyone to take, in honor of our service men & women.  More details to follow…

Another way I have been preparing for my single arm push-ups is by doing ‘opposing work’ as seen below…

It’s important to keep our muscles balanced, so when we do intense abdominal work (like push-ups), we need to also strengthen our opposing muscles.  What’s good for the front is good for the back, right?

“Floor Flying” lengthens the abdominal muscles while strengthening the back muscles and hip extensors.

So, for this week’s ‘age stronger’ tip just find a spot on the floor and get ready to soar…

Age Stronger Tip:  Fly on the floor.

Floor Flying (similar to locust pose in yoga)

Note of caution:  This exercise is not recommended for anyone with lower back pain.

  1. Lie face down, outstretched on the floor.  Belly button is pulling up toward spine, hips are pressing into floor, legs are squeezing together (tightening buttocks), and shoulder blades are flat and anchored down back.
  2. Simultaneously raise head, arms and legs, lengthening through spine as you reach up and long.  Hold your gaze in front of you so that you avoid crunching the back of your neck (chin is slightly tucked).  Hold position as you check in with your muscles—are you keeping your belly button pulled in?  Are your shoulder blades anchored?  Are your glutes and legs squeezing together? Are you breathing?
  3. Slowly lower yourself to the floor.  Check in again with your posture cues and repeat four more times.  Breathe naturally throughout.
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