a winner of first prize or first place in competition; someone or something (such as a team or an animal) that has won a contest or competition especially in sports; one who shows marked superiority; someone who fights or speaks publicly in support of a person, belief, cause, etc.; one that does battle for another’s rights or honor (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

advocate, banner, character, classic, excellence, first-class, first-rate, foremost, leading, premier, superior, supporter, top-notch, winner

I chose “champion” as this week’s ageless word in honor of Kristen Armstrong, the 3-time gold medal winner of Olympic cycling. Being a true champion is ageless because it means you always do your best and give it your all. There’s nothing scanty about how you live–you take life on 100 percent, remaining positive, no matter how it turns out. Whether you’re championing a worthy cause, going for gold, or crossing the finish line in last place, you are a winner because you are completely and joyfully alive.

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Annette Cain is an award-winning author, endurance athlete and certified personal trainer.

Known as the Longevity Lady™ Annette helps baby boomers age stronger so their bodies can keep up with their lives. Her ageless lifestyle products and programs provide an easy and balanced approach to becoming lean & limber and living younger longer.

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