Ageless Wisdom from Leo Buscaglia

Dr. Leo Buscaglia

Dr. Leo Buscaglia

Dr. Buscaglia is a wonderful teacher of love and life.  He has a gift of telling poignant stories and relating them to how we get in our own way of living joyfully & completely. The tale he shares below is from a Sufi storybook about a crazy little man they call “Mullah.”

One day Mullah was out in the street on his hands and knees, looking for something and a friend came up and said, “Mullah, what are you looking for?”

And Mullah said, “I lost my key.”

“Oh, Mullah, that’s terrible, I’ll help you find it.”  So he got on his hands and knees, then said, “Mullah, about where did you lose it?”

Mullah said, “I lost it in my house.”

“Then what are you looking out here for?”

He said, “Because there’s more light here.”

A funny story, but Leo believes that’s what we do with our lives!

He says, “We believe that everything there is to find is out there in the light where it’s easy to find, when the only answers for you are in you!  Go ahead and look and look and look, but you’re not going to find them out there! Nobody has your answers—only you have your answers.  And if you think you can pack up your bag and escape you, you’re in for a mighty big surprise.  Run to a mountaintop in Nepal, and when you get over the wonder of being in Nepal, who are you faced with in the mirror? You!  With all your hangups, with all your fears, with all your confusion, with all your loneliness, with all the things that you are.  So it’s time to begin looking where it makes sense to look.  What is essential is not out there.  What is essential is indeed in you.”

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