not counterfeit, artificial or imitation; corresponding to known facts; being exactly as appears or is claimed; being actually such, not merely so-called; free from hypocrisy or pretense  (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

authentic, bona fide, genuine, heartfelt, honest, indubitable, sincere, true, undeniable, unfeigned, unquestionable, veritable, wholesome

When you’re real you live with ease and waste no effort in pretending to be someone you’re not. You know who you are and who you want to be in the world. You don’t worry about what others think because you stay anchored in your own truth and values. There’s no doubt, when you’re real, you age less and live more. Really!


Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen proposes that it is time to reclaim and redefine “crone” from the word pile of disparaging names to call older women, and to make becoming a “crone” a crowning inner achievement of the third phase of life.  A true crone is …

accepting, bold, cheeky, compassionate, discerning, empowered, fierce, of grace, insightful, intuitive, judicious, juicy, knowing, loving, mature, perceptive, resilient, sage, sharp, trusting, upbeat, vibrant, wise

Dr. Bolen states, “To be a crone is about inner development, not outer appearance.  A crone is a woman who has wisdom, compassion, humor, courage, and vitality.  She has a sense of truly being herself, can express what she knows and feels, and take action when need be.  She does not avert her eyes or numb her mind from reality.  She can see the flaws and imperfections in herself and others, but the light in which she sees is not harsh or judgmental.  She has learned to trust herself to know what she knows.” (from “Crones Don’t Whine”)

Even though Dr. Bolen is speaking of women in their prime post-menopausal years, you’re never too young or too male to walk the crone’s path.  And, for all the exceptional men out there who agree, this makes you a “crony” and not a curmudgeon!


(verb) to experience with the senses; to perceive by taste or smell, especially with relish; to give oneself to the enjoyment of; pleasurable appreciation of anything (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

admire, appreciate, cherish, enjoy, experience, feel, know, relish, taste, satisfy

To savor is to go slow…to be fully present…to linger in contentment.  Like pausing toward the end of a really good book, or sipping piping hot soup on a chilly night, savoring allows you to have a deeper appreciation for fleeting things like sunsets and blossoms and butterflies.  When you savor, you take the time to experience the zest of life.


to grasp the nature, worth, quality or significance of; to value or admire highly; to judge with heightened perception or understanding; to be fully aware; to recognize with gratitude; to increase in number or value (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

accelerate, accept, expand, grateful, heartfelt, respect, rise, thankful, trust, value

A big part of the equation for being ageless is our outlook on life.  Trusting that all is well and all will be well, even (and especially) at the most trying times.  My 97-year-old grandmother was a daily inspiration and reminder of this accepting attitude.  She was a living testament of grace as her body slowly failed her, always seeing the blessing instead of the curse.  She appreciated what she could still do, even though that list became smaller with each passing day.

What do you appreciate about your aging body?

What part of you, or others, or your life do you need to appreciate more?

How will you appreciate over time?

I hope you will take a few moments to reflect and appreciate this week…

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