Eyes, Have You Forsaken Me?

Can a tree see better than me?

Can a tree see better than me?

I remember having my first eye exam when I was in college. The optometrist told me my eyes looked great and to come back in twenty years. I didn’t think much about it until precisely twenty years later, when I noticed I couldn’t read the menu while dining out. Of course, I blamed it on the ambient lighting and fancy font, but when the waiter offered me a pair of reading glasses, it all came back in a blink.

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GG’s Favorite Routines

Grandma's Irises

Grandma’s Irises

January 2, 2014

It’s hard to believe my grandmother has been gone for a year already.  I miss her so, but I take comfort in the fact that my dearest angel is watching over me.  When she died my sisters and I gathered and reminisced about our beloved grandmother.  She had a knack for being very routine, so we created the following song that we sang at her funeral.

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Performing Shoulder Salute on Veterans Day


It’s hard to believe a year has passed by since I made the pledge to do a one-arm push-up.  I’m happy to say I was able to perform my  special “shoulder salute” today as part of a local Veterans Day program.

Just wanted to share a few aging well lessons I’ve learned from training for one-arm push-ups…

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G.I. Cain Report (No. 2)

October 17, 2011

Four short weeks away until I debut my one-arm push-ups—I’m almost there!!!  I have registered with the Wounded Warrior Project to hold a “Believe in Heroes” celebration on Veterans Day, when I will perform my shoulder salute to all of our brave veterans along with debuting my “Stronger Push-Ups” workout video.  I also plan to have a push-up pledge for anyone to take, in honor of our service men & women.  More details to follow…

Another way I have been preparing for my single arm push-ups is by doing ‘opposing work’ as seen below…

It’s important to keep our muscles balanced, so when we do intense abdominal work (like push-ups), we need to also strengthen our opposing muscles.  What’s good for the front is good for the back, right?

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G.I. Cain Report (No. 1)

Wide-leg front plank

Wide-leg front plank

September 12, 2011

In just over eight weeks, I will debut my one-arm push-ups—my shoulder salute to all of our brave veterans.  I’ve been working hard at it and have made good progress over the summer.  One of the strengthening exercises I’m doing is a wide-leg, narrow-arm plank (see picture).  I go down halfway and hold, then lower myself almost to the ground and hold, and then come back up, pausing midway again.  Now, if I can just do it with one arm! (To be continued…).

A plank is a great way to strengthen your upper body, abdominal muscles, and even your thighs—all at the same time.  So, here’s an ‘age stronger’ tip–practice planking…

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Check One Off the Bucket List

August 26, 2011

Anyone who knows me can attest to my love of setting and achieving lofty goals.  I guess this started in my tweens, when I became a Girl Guide (the Belizean equivalent of Girl Scouts).  I wanted to cover my uniform sash with as many badges as I possibly could … baking, sewing, craft, water safety, first aid, survival, sports, agility, performing arts … hence, the bucket list began!

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One Arm Push-up Pushed Back

Memorial Day, 2011

Here’s a little ‘push-up montage’ I’ve put together to show you I’m not slacking off! ;-)

The words of my insightful coach, Erica, are still ringing in my head, “You picked the right goal, but the wrong date!”  Indeed, I did.  Today is the date I chose last November to debut my one-arm push-up (see “A Shoulder Salute”).

Alas, there will be no shoulder salute this Memorial Day—my neck and left shoulder are currently opposing this pledge.  It’s a mild protest, but one I must respect.

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Letting Go of My Traps

Letting Go... and a Crow

Letting Go… and a Crow

April 29, 2011

Remember the tune, “Please release me, let me go…?”  Well, that’s what my trapezius has been singing to me for many years.  It’s only been recently that I’ve listened.

The trapezius muscle is large and diamond-shaped, extending posteriorly from the base of the skull down to T12 (lowest of the thoracic vertebrae), and across the back of the shoulders.  It helps move and stabilize the head, neck, shoulder blades and shoulders.  The trapezius or “traps” (as we personal trainers like to call it) is the muscle so many of us tend to overuse when we’re working at our desk or on the computer.  It’s the one that holds our tension and makes our shoulders creep up toward our ears.

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Love Letter to My Heart

My heart beats for me--more than 36 million times a year!

My heart beats for me–more than 36 million times a year!

February 14, 2011

Today I’m sending love to a very special Valentine—my heart…

Showing you some appreciation and gratitude is the least I can do, considering all you do for me.  I know I wouldn’t be much without you.  You are my center, my rhythm, my pulse of life…my very own genuine heartthrob!

Even though you have your moments of relaxation, I know you work tirelessly on my behalf, without a single day of rest.  Pumping almost 100,000 times a day just to make sure I’m nourished, cleansed, and protected.  Wow!  One hundred thousand times—that’s over 36 million contractions a year and hopefully over 3 billion in my lifetime!  Absolutely amazing!!!

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Remembering Jack LaLanne

"Better to wear out than rust out!" -Jack LaLanne

“Better to wear out than rust out!” -Jack LaLanne

January 24, 2011

I was sad to hear one of my heroes passed away yesterday.  Jack LaLanne (1914-2011), lived and breathed fitness, and I bet he died as one of the fittest 96-year-old men around.  He truly was a pioneer when it came to teaching and motivating others to exercise their bodies and take care of their health.

I remember seeing him on TV for the first time when I was just a skinny kid.  I remember the jumpsuit, the organ music, the muscles, the jumping jacks, and the dog.  But, what really left an impression was his energy and enthusiasm, and his infectious “you can” attitude.

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