pawbulletPractical tips we can model from our four-legged friends like how to revel in our senses, always be curious, surrender to ‘cone collars’, and leave our mark.


pawbulletLots of adorable pooch pictures and uplifting quotes to make you smile.


pawbulletQuestions and reflections to help you dig a little, leading you to rich discoveries about yourself.


Pepper’s zest for life is contagious and her youthful exuberance will no doubt touch you too!  Purchase your copy today for just $4.97 and get ready to
age less and wag more!




A hardcover version of Ageless Dogma is in the works, so please stay tuned!  It will be a gift book filled with youthful wisdom and lots of adorable photos of rescue dogs. Proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit Pep’s 4-legged pals, who are less fortunate than she was. I have partnered with an award-winning pet photographer, Lori A. Cheung, who will photograph puppies and dogs from the Humane Society, SPCA and other animal welfare organizations and shelters.


If you buy the e-book and write a publishable review*, I will send you a signed copy of the gift book for free when it is released.

testimonialpaw“This e-book is so cute!  I really like the way Annette links the human and canine worlds together.  It’s a great and easy read.”

—Susanne Delavarpour, Virginia

testimonialpaw“Ever wonder what your dog would tell you about life? Ageless Dogma answers that question and more. Pepper’s point of view is sweet and engaging, and Annette’s observations compliment Pepper’s “tails” in this charming dialogue between humans and canines.”

—Deb Dorchak; Author/Designer Blue Sun Studio, Las Vegas, NV

testimonialpaw “Enjoy this simply powerful gift of inspiration from Annette Cain and her wise 4-legged friend, Pepper. It is a warm, generous and spirited guide with practical tips for staying young and living this one precious life more fully!”

—Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A. Author, Success Coach, EFT Practitioner @EricaRKrieger on Twitter

testimonialpaw“Ageless Dogma is a delightful romp through a dog’s view of The Good Life. Twenty tips and sage advice is delivered in a beautiful and fun read.  A must for every animal lover!”

—Wendi Kelly; Author/Personal Development & Business Coach Blue Sun Studio, Grayslake, IL



Annette Cain is an award-winning author, endurance athlete and certified personal trainer. Known as the Longevity Lady (TM), Annette helps baby boomer women age stronger so their bodies can keep up with their lives. Her ageless lifestyle products & programs provide an easy, balanced approach to becoming lean & limber and living younger longer. Find out more about Annette and how you can age less & live more at

*A ‘publishable’ review is a review that clearly indicates that the book was read by the author of the review, is longer than 20 words, and contains no profanity or other offensive language.  Annette reserves the right to determine what is “publishable” or not for the purposes of awarding a free book.  Reviews must be submitted via the review submittal form and must include a complete mailing address.


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